Ava Ingle is a 9-year-old artist who uses her artwork to spread love! When we heard her story we couldn’t wait to share with everyone! She has been a pioneer on the art scene in Jackson, TN and is the first mural artist ever in her area.
As the first mural artist in Jackson, she has gotten a ton of exposure and has been able to network with local artists and leaders in her community.
She planned her first art show for June 20th and knew that she wanted her art to make a difference. After brainstorming, she decided to donate her artwork to an organization called Keep My Hood Good. This organization strives to teach the principles of accountability, excellence, integrity, and respect to underprivileged youth in her community. They feed children, helps them study, take them to get their learners permit and driver's license, provide school supplies, and so much more! Initially Ava’s goal was to donate $100 but ended up donating $1,723!

Ava Ingle

After her fundraiser, Ava was able to collaborate with a locally-owned bookstore that fell in love with her artwork! At 9 years old, she now has prints and bookmarks for sale with a portion of her proceeds continuing to support Keep My Hood Good! Ava is continuing to be a leader in her neighborhood and is truly making the world a better place! Thank you for all you do, Ava!
December 01, 2020
Tags: Give Back!