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Beautiful Girl, you can do hard things ❤
As 2020 has taken an unexpected turn we all have been finding ourselves looking for areas where we can Be better. Do better. Try harder. But most importantly love more. As a lifestyle brand, we love to share sentiments, that not only speak to us, but that have the potential to speak to the masses! Our goal is that our products and Daily Chirps uplift you on your darkest days, make you smile when when you feel down and truly make a positive impact on your day-to-day life... That's where Anna Wild comes in! Anna recently shared her struggles & her story with us and we knew this was an opportunity to spread awareness on the importance of mental health and let you know that you are never alone!
Anna Wild in her Beautiful Girl you can do hard things tee for her senior photos
"This is Anna Wild here. I just wanted to take a moment and share the impact your company has had on me, and thank you.
Almost two years ago, I felt the first onset of a chronic illness. I was born with a stomach disability, however, it reached an extreme in my junior year of high school…a year filled with the highest academic intensity. I had to be taken out of school, slow down in my classes, and unfortunately I was misdiagnosed four times by many specialists in Tampa. As a result, I fell into high anxiety, depression, and even a mild eating disorder. I spent my 18th birthday in the hospital, I missed almost my whole senior year, and then faced the outbreak of COVID taking the remainder of my high school experience.
This is where your company steps in. I knew I wanted to help people, but as I battled PTSD from my chronic illness, I knew the medical field was not where I wanted to spend my life. Natural life came up on in ad, and as I looked through your products, I found the collection called ”Beautiful girl, you can do hard things”. I realized I had a calling to enter a field where I could encourage young women by building their confidence. This led me to even start a thrifting business on social media as my illness kept me from working a regular job. This quote got me through intensive testing and dark moments of illness. I now wear my shirt with a close friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. This small, yet powerful message—alongside our faith--- encouraged us more than I can explain. Being reminded that I can do hard things, pushed me to finish high school strong.
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I now have a diagnosis (a pelvic muscular disorder), and have been given a treatment plan (physical therapy) in Jacksonville. Life has become so much brighter! So, I decided to wear my shirt to my senior graduation photos. I posted an image in it with my story and have found it to encourage so many young women. I am sure your company has faced some turmoil from COVID, and during this stressful time, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for providing ways of encouragement that many companies do not. I even keep my medication in one of your pill cases that keeps me motivated. It is because of your business that I am studying business and social entrepreneurship in College this fall. Your positive messages spread farther than you might realize."
With love,
Anna Wild
Anna Wild in her cap with her Beautiful Girl you can do hard things shirt
We were so inspired by Anna's strength and her story. Anna is strong, intelligent, beautiful & she can do hard things! We love to hear stories of how our sentiments have helped individuals during their tough times. If you would like to share your story with us, we would be thrilled to hear from you!
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August 03, 2020