Behind The Scenes: Fish Camp Photoshoot!

Photoshoots are SO much fun!! We try not to structure them too much and just capture us doing what we love... in a beautiful setting! We were super lucky to be able to use a family friend's waterfront fish camp. They have a nonprofit, HEAL, Healing Every Autistic Life, so we asked if we could take over for the day in return for a donation to their awesome organization... and they said yes!



Hazel, the Happy Camper, was perfect for transporting people, food and fun props... plus she makes such a pretty backdrop!


We are obsessedddd with our new Camp Mugs! They remind us of simpler times like camping and hanging out around a bonfire!


Love the look of this rustic beach jeep!


So easy to stay hydrated with the most inspirational water bottles ever!!


Sooooo excited to have new Beach Towel Blankets... you'll be able to see the new styles SOON! But until then, we still have these awesome designs!


Slow down... enjoy life!


Love this cute shot of our model and her sweet daughter!


Patti's daughter, Madison, following her passion! Listen to some of her music here!



These hats are sooo cute and perfect for bad hair days! Our favorite part is the colorful ribbon strap in back!


We love bringing back treasures we used to make like these Handkerchief Headbands! They'll be out just in time for summer!



Watch our Behind the Scenes Video and see everything that's released so far here!