Living Happy on a Llama Farm!

Doing a fall-themed photo shoot in the middle of summer was no “prob-llama” because we found the most ADORABLE llama farm in Tallahassee! 

We were on the hunt for a photo shoot location that would give off fun fall vibes when we came across a little slice of heaven called Milk and Honey Acres. The online pictures of the goats, llamas, and rustic cabin were just calling our name! 

Organizing a photo shoot can be tough, especially when we only have a few hours and so many cute outfits and products to show off… but our amazing Natural Life family knows how to take a challenge in stride!

When the day finally came to head to the farm, Patti, Marilia, and Lisa rode in everyone’s favorite Natural Life camper, Hazel (who, by the way, is looking lovely after her recent makeover). When we arrived, we were greeted with the warmest welcome… goats and llamas EVERYWHERE! Of COURSE we knew there would be animals, but we had NO idea how up close and personal we could be with them. The goats quickly climbed into Hazel, a donkey instantly became our friend, and llamas were literally chillin’ on our porch! 

The next day, Allison, Remi, and our interns arrived to help make our dream photo shoot a reality. We spent all morning planning, setting up scenes, preparing clothes, and doing last-minute organizing before the models arrived. We also got to chat with the farm owners who were so kind and so excited about our photo shoot!

Once our first model showed up, it was GO time! It was so fun getting to know the four models. They were all so sweet and had great energy. Our interns enjoyed capturing some behind-the-scenes content for our TikTok (which you should totally follow, BTW: @naturallifehappy). It was also really funny to see how the animals were interacting with us the entire time. They made their way into quite a few shots, so keep an eye out for their pics on our website and in our upcoming catalog!

Once we got all the shots on our list, we called it a wrap and cleaned up before heading back. Not everyone headed home that night, though… our interns stayed back, went out to dinner, and got to spend one last relaxing night in the cabin.  

We were SO sad to leave the llama farm behind, but we have a feeling it won’t be llong until we’re back! 

March 16, 2023