It pays to be honest! Dan placed an order with us a few weeks ago and there was a little glitch in our system. We accidentally sent him two mugs instead of one! He sent a check for the other mug and a sweet note saying: "Dear Natural Life- I ordered 1 mug, but you sent 2. We like them very much and can make use of both. So please find enclosed a check for the second mug."
Note from customer
We were so touched by his honesty, we returned the check and included a Happy Box for him to enjoy and pay it forward to family, friends and strangers! We love doing fun things like this... we truly do have the BEST customers in the world!!!
Happy Box
We filled his box with a bunch of our favorite little things that make life more fun like Happy Notes, Chip Clips, Sunglass Straps, Car Coasters, headbands and comfy tees!
Owl Mug
The mug he ordered! Safe to say... he's AWESOME!!
February 05, 2016