Collage of Patti's family photos
In my family, we grew up with a mother who had a passion for making things. Mimi was rarely seen without sawdust in her hair, stain on her fingers or a paintbrush behind her ear. Her passion eventually turned into her own gift business she operated in our home called Mimi's Things. The gift my mother quietly passed down to me is precious because it not only gave me the talent to create things and run my own business, but she also taught me to live each day doing what you love, cherishing family and enjoying the little things in life. Reflecting today, I realize that I have completely recreated my childhood! Being a mother...and a daughter of an amazing mother is the greatest gift of my life! When my girls were little I constantly reminded myself how precious every moment was, so we spent our days together doing what we loved the most. Our home was set up for little ones to be self-sufficient, organized and creative...and believe it or not, while the girls played, I was creating Natural Life right alongside of them. We spent our days crafting, baking, playing and enjoying the little things. We loved being outside...our front yard and backyard were used as much as our inside. Life is good! The girls are so independent and grown now at 12, 14 and 16...and I can't believe I am the one telling young mothers I see how time flies and to enjoy every moment! The stage of motherhood I am in now is less carefree, but I feel it is purposeful as I continue to try to be a good role model and to be there to support them in every way. I love watching my daughters grow their wings, and I am so proud of the individuals they are becoming...each with their own special gifts. We have amazing memories of love and laughter that I know my daughters will carry with them forever...and lots more to create in the years to come! Enjoy the little things everyone....for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things!
May 12, 2014