Celebrating 50!


Our queen of little things is celebrating the big 5-0 today!! Allison is our Brand Experience Director, aka our go-to whenever we want to "funk something out". Most days, you can find her sewing bright embroidery, painting a sign or designing our new store windows! She's one of the Natural Life Originals so we had to go all out for her fun day!



Bright Flags and Banners make every party more fun! We love decorating with them!!



Fun fact: She LOVES wigs! She'll have dinner parties and leave a wig on a seat, and all night that person must wear that wig! We sneakily got them to our office with the help of her sweet husband.

Right before they were leaving to go out of town, he asked her where she kept the wigs, she was thinking that he was going to bring a few on their trip. Once they got there, she's like, "Wait, where are our wigs?" That's just the kind of person Allison is... so fun and spontaneous!



Allison with our afro-tastic Product Development Team! P.S- did you know Patti had an actual afro growing up? Proof here!



We had a little small plate buffet of guac, salsa and salads... but more importantly, COOKIES! And the most adorable ones yet thanks to our fav local bakery, Cinottis!




And these beach-themed cookies were perfect since she sports a year-round summer glow and has the 2 cutest little surfer boys!




We love you, Allison!!! Thank you for filling our lives with the little things!