Everyone loves the Natural Life Mystery Bags...and they wouldn't be possible without Challenge Enterprise! Challenge Enterprises provides person centered programs, services and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities (ie. Downs Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, brain injuries, learning impaired, visual or hearing impaired, disabled veterans, and Wounded Warriors). 

It warms our hearts that we are bringing work to the people at Challenge who amaze us with their work ethic and passion for life. And they are helping all of us too... because without them we could not afford to offer the mystery bags! And then to make it a win win win...the Mystery Bags are our top selling products in our whole collection! They do make pretty awesome party favors...but the funny thing is most people buy them for themselves. 

It's so fun to watch people buy them and open them up....which happens right after purchase because it's too hard to wait! :)

People creating Mystery Bags

People creating Mystery Bags

People creating Mystery Bags

We bring our tiny treasure overstock to Challenge by the car load every month or so and the workers patiently stamp each bag and fill them with three to four trinkets and staple them closed. 

Thank you so much for all your awesome work Challenge Enterprise! Click here to watch a short video to see and learn more about this wonderful organization: The Power of People and Possibilities

Mystery Bags

They are definitely irresistible...what's inside???!!!??? Why do YOU think people love our Natural Life Mystery Bags so much?

August 19, 2013