With having three daughters, we threw A LOT of birthday parties... and with that came a lot of party favors through the years! I was the Mom that loved coming up with simple, fun party themes we could have at home or in the local park! There were backyard carnivals, tie dye parties, classic moon walk…. one year I even rented a school bus for $50 and picked the 3 year olds up at their houses for a picnic in the park. Look at this cute invitation!!
Birhday bus invitation
Photo album bus birthday
For each party, my favorite part was giving the kind of party favors the kids wouldn’t want to throw away when they got home! I was always on the hunt for cute little bags I could put tiny treasures & candy in. My girls would get to set the assembly line up to fill the bags and get the favors ready for the party. I think they had as much doing this as they did at the actual party!
kids in bounce house
kids at table with birthday cake
girl with butterfly cake
girls with flower pots
dog park cake
We've always loved making little treasures that make perfect party favors so we finally created a Party Favor Shop! You'll have so much fun looking through all of the fun and unique things that your kids and their friends will love! 
Let us know if you like this idea and other perfect party favors you want us to make” –Patti Hughes, CEO & Founder of Natural Life
shaped keychains
dog shaped succulent pot
inspiring little blocks
fuzzy scrunchies
mini canvas pouches
dog shaped air freshener
party favor bags
Birthday parties are so much fun! Even though my kids are grown, we hosted two Natural Life birthday parties for local kids who are huge fans! We hope it was a birthday they'll never forget!
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    April 14, 2017