Crafternoon is one of those little things in life that just makes us happy! While we were on our Art & Brand Retreat we all put our paints together and got crafty… we painted shells, sand dollars & driftwood and let our creativity… create! We love to watch the magic unfold behind our Natural Life Chirps & see how each one is crafted with thought and love! Watch the video below of Natural Life artist, Shannon Snow getting inspired to make new daily Natural Life Chirps!

Some of your favorite Chirps! #1Some of your favorite Chirps! #2

We hear from so many people all around the world that they love our inspirational messages on the treasures we make and daily posts we share on Instagram and Facebook. We wanted to start spreading them in even more ways... like sending them in a daily email and printing them on stickers to give away! We didn’t want to just call them “posts” so we put our heads together to come up with a fun new name for them! Since they made people feel cheerful, we looked up other words for “happy” and “chirpy” came up. We instantly knew that Natural Life Chirp was the perfect name... and we even made a little chirping bird to go along with it! Another fun fact: YOUR most-loved Chirps become the art & words on Natural Life treasures and graphic tees! That makes us all so connected — the Natural Life family and the people who love us are all an important part of creating this happy & hopeful brand! 

March 16, 2023