We got the sweetest Facebook message last week that filled us with so much happiness! It came from Petra, one of our sweet customers from Prague in the Czech Republic.
"Hi, my name is Petra and I am really inspirited by your designs. I am from the Czech Republic, I worked in OBX for the summer and there are many Natural Life stores and I am in Jacksonville for a day! I just found out you have your flagship store - so I must see it. ? I’d like to ask if by any chance I can meet for a couple of minutes the founder Patti Hughes…I really, really would like to meet her and thank her for all the inspiration. Thank you very much for your answer"
So Petra's first stop was at our Flagship Store...
Petra at the Natural Life flagship store
And she is not hiding her excitement!
Petra at the Natural Life flagship store
Her boyfriend, RJ, came along with her and he said that this was her dream come true!
Petra at the Natural Life flagship store
Then... we invited her to our office to meet Patti!
Petra and Patti
Petra got to pick Patti's brain and learn everything there is to know about Natural Life!
Petra at the Natural Life flagship store
We filled up one of our Recycled Totes with tons of treasures just for Petra... everything from a "P" Initial Mug, Boho Bandeaus, a "You Are Loved" Trinket Dish that she's apparently been eyeing for months!!, some comfy clothes and more!
Later that day, she messaged us again!
" ? Thank you very much for EVERYTHING ? Yay! Such great pictures ? It was soooo nice of you - the tour, all the gifts, the atmosphere, you all:) I looked at every product you gave me...I am just so excited!!!I still can't believe it.. such awesome things ? I will wear them everywhere ? I will be the real commercial of Natural Life in Czech Republic ? ? I like them all of them so much ❤️One more time thank you for the big happiness, for the great opportunity and for all your joy ? THANK YOU SO MUCH! and I am sending you some of my pictures in the store ? Because.. I love it!!! And RJ sending love,too ? "
We're so happy to have met one of our biggest fans... hearing these stories make us so inspired to keep going!! Thanks again, Petra!!! ❤️
June 23, 2019