We love being a part of such an amazing organization! Girl Talk is a mentorship program where teenage girls meet weekly to learn new skills, talk, and create a network of support with girl-to-girl advising! Girl Talk helps high school girls develop leadership skills as they guide weekly meetings for middle school girls and teach them vital skills during their most formative years! How cool!We recently donated 1,500 of our best inspirational Tapestry Blankets to the Girl Talk headquarters in Atlanta that were then distributed to three different organizations & shared between 18 ministries! “This weekend there’s going to be a big splash of love thanks to you! So far, these blankets will be distributed to 18 different ministries- and will bless 6 women/children shelters, a cancer center, PAWKids (children living in transitional housing), Wellspring Living (victims of sex-trafficking), Clarkston (refugees), two church-homeless ministries & more to come! This has FILLED my heart with much needed purpose and joy!”

- Haley Kilpatrick, Founder of Girl Talk Inc. 

Cozy Tapestry Blanket delivery to Haley's house for her to distribute! 150 Blankets being …

A sweet message from one of the groups who received Cozy Blankets! Passing along some joy coming …

It’s so inspiring watching different organizations, ministries and chapters spreading love and letters! Check out the video below to see how one of the recipients shared what they like to call “Blanket Assurance!” 

press play

We love our Natural Life Girl Talk chapter!

March 16, 2023
Tags: Give Back!