Girl Talk is an organization that is so close to Natural Life's heart... we basically have the same mission! To inspire girls and women to Live Happy, realize their full potential and to be themselves! Girl Talk has a very simple premise: high school girls mentor middle school girls to help deal with triumphs and trials of the early teenage years. They want to see young teenagers build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service.
Girl Talk meeting
We started a Natural Life group a few years ago and are so THRILLED that there's another one in Jacksonville! We helped Julia Landon College Prepatory School get started earlier this year and they already have a group of 30 girls!! It's so fun to share tips and fun ideas... like an anonymous jar where girls submit questions and the leaders answer them at the end.
Girl Talk girls
We believe that it's SO important for middle schools girls to have a safe place to talk about their struggles and questions! They have the chance to learn that they are not alone in the issue they face... and that understanding, kindness and compassion can be the foundation for better relationships with others.
Girl Talk girls
We LOVE how quickly Girl Talk is spreading and are so proud of all the girls who help make this happen!
Girl Talk girls
April 15, 2018
Tags: Give Back!