Wonderful memories are often made around the table with people you love!

We love to make clothes we want to wear and treasures we want to use in our own lives. While Patti, the CEO and Founder of Natural Life, was traveling in Jamaica, her food was served on wooden plates with wooden utensils, and she knew she had to create some with the Natural Life style!

"While in Jamaica, we stayed at an amazing rustic resort called the Golden Eye and they served all of our meals on wooden plates and platters and they even used wooden serving spoons! They were beyond cool and inspired me to design something similar so I could have fun with them in my own home! We had so much fun creating the different shapes and sizes of our wooden plates, which can be used as platters, too!"

xo, Patti Hughes


Patti loves to design everyday products, but with cute boho designs! Why not have the cutest items for your kitchen and home? It can make your dinner parties so much better... and prettier! Our Wooden Plates and Nantucket Baskets also make the best hostess gifts! Cheers to that!

March 16, 2023