What started as a chance meeting 9 years ago at Fashion Design school in Franklin, TN has now blossomed into this beautiful friendship!Chelsea and Carrington bonded instantly since they were the only childrenswear designers at school. They soon found their connection went beyond that, realizing they both love color, all things retro, crafting, roller skating, snacking, car singing/dancing parties, sharks tooth hunting…the list goes on.During their time in school, they worked together at a children’s boutique and practically ran the school as they were both on SGA. After graduation they went their separate ways, but little did they know they would be reunited 3 years later to work together in the product development department at Natural Life!9 years in and nothing can come between them! This duo has now even become a trio with the addition of Chelsea’s baby girl, Lorelai!


The Best Gift for friends is an assortment of Natural Life treasures inside a Happy Bag!

March 16, 2023