Hazel's Big Makeover!

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Hazel, the official Natural Life camper that will take us from music festival to pop-up shop to camp site! Maia, one of our amazingly talented graphic artists immediately got to work designing her big makeover! See the beautiful transformation below!!
If you ever see us on the road be sure to honk and say hi!!
Traffic isn't thaaaatttt bad when you have this to look at!
We LOVE the inspirational sentiments and flower doodles... and hope to inspire our fellow travelers!
How cool is this wrap! They make it look SO easy!
We could all use a little reminder that kindness matters on the road!
And the final product...
Watch the Natural Life family's reaction here!




  • Sue Stoodt

    I’ve loved your products and your message ever since you burst on the scene. You all make the world a happier, better place, just by doing what you love. Keep up the great work! XOXO

  • noriko angeleen

    i love it, want to see it in real life, hope to have something similar one day! love you guys~

  • Patty

    Please bring Hazel to Utah so I can meet her! I’m a little late to the party…have seen a few of your products but never took the time to research you until this week. I’m already a huge fan!

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