One of the things we love about making heartfelt gifts is knowing that our treasures will be used to send joy and comfort to people who need it! Our FEARLESS GiveBack Collection was created to encourage people struggling with anxiety to find help and healing. Each item features a thought-provoking sentiment about anxiety and helps you realize that you’re not alone. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from the collection are donated to organizations in our community that support mental illness. Treasures in our FEARLESS Collection make the perfect gift for someone who is struggling with anxiety or someone who wants to help reduce the stigma of mental illnesses!

Glass Tray

We love this little glass tray as a cute catch-all for things like jewelry, keys, and spare change! We designed this dish with the perfect verse to give hope to someone who is dealing with anxiety.

Fearless Notes

Our Fearless Notes make the perfect gift for any mental health advocate and are great to stash away for moments when you want to spread hope and joy! These cute booklets contain pages of beautiful artwork with sentiments designed to brighten someone’s day. Stick them in lunch boxes, leave them on a coworker’s desk, or hand them out as random acts of kindness – they’re SO FUN to give and get!

Phone Pocket Ring

These phone pockets are the perfect combination of useful and encouraging! Each one includes a ring that makes your phone easier to hold as well as a pocket to hold your essential cards when you don’t want to carry a bag. But our favorite thing about it is the encouraging message that will be seen every day!

Giving Bracelet

This dainty bracelet is a symbol of courage, made to remind whoever wears it to be bold and brave! The colorful glass and ceramic beads add a touch of happy to brighten your day. It’s simple enough to be worn all day, every day.

 Fearless Happy Box

We always say, the best gift is a Happy Box filled with Natural Life treasures! This special Happy Box is full of treasures from our Fearless Collection that feature reassuring sentiments for loved ones going through a difficult time. The beautiful keepsake box can be used to hold notes and items that make you happy!
Anxiety is REAL and so much more common than you think! We need to all help reduce the stigma of mental illnesses and talk about it like we do physical illnesses…so people can be comfortable getting diagnosed and seeking help. Once a person accepts that they have anxiety and begins the healing process, they become FEARLESS!

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March 16, 2023