Wall decorated above desk with inspiring artwork and little trinkets
Everyone's headed back to campus over the next few weeks and getting ready to start decorating their dorm rooms! We know how important it is to make your room your happy place... the place you can come back to and relax after a long day of classes, studying and group projects.

We wanted to make a ton of new treasures that will help make your dorm room your home away from home! Inspiring decor for your wall, bright and colorful things for your desk and fun tech accessories for your laptop and phone. Visit our Back to Campus Shop and have fun designing, decorating and making your dorm room your own!
"Your space should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." - Nate Berkus

Everyone has been LOVING our Tapestry Blankets! We chose the artwork and sentiments from our most-liked Chirps on Instagram and made them with the coziest material everrrr! You can use them as a blanket or hang them on your wall as a tapestry! Include a few cute pillows to go along too!
Cozy Blanket with inspiring quote
Two girls cuddling up to cozy blankets on porch
Beautiful girl you can do hard things cozy blanket
Critter shaped pillows
More things for your wall that will inspire you every time you look at them... Welcome Signs and Wall Hangings!
Decorated signs for your wall with cute sentiments
Mini Canvas Tapestry that says beautiful girl you can do hard things
We love using our new and old treasures to create gallery walls! Watch our Photography Assistant, Marilia, put one together above her desk!
These string lights are so cute on your wall, mirror, desk... literally anywhere!
Rainbow string lights
Unicorn string lights
Letter flags to spell your name
It's so fun to personalize your space... use our Inspiration Flags to string your name on your wall, on your desk or above your bed!
Add Accent Rugs in front of your door or in your bathroom. They're such a bright and colorful addition to any room!
Follow your dreams accent rug
Bright and colorful accent rugs for your home
Desk decorated with inspirational accessories
An organized desk is a HAPPY desk! Stay motivated all semester long with desk treasures that inspire you and keep you focused!
More of our favorites!
Beautiful girl you can do hard things mug
Colorful file folders
Neoprene Laptop Case
Sticker sheets
Beautiful girl you can do hard things journal
Do more of what makes you happy desk stand for phone
You can never have too many cute critters in your life! Discover your favorite faux succulent or coffee mug!
sloth, llama, camera shapedfaux succulents
llama, dog, snail, otter, house shaped mugs
Life's too short to be anything but comfy! Our Jumpsuits are sooo easy to wear and there are endless ways to style them! The Knit Jumpsuits come in three colors and two styles plus have pockets and a raw edge hem so you can even cut to your own length!
Girl walking with coffee wearing colorful jumpsuit
Girl wearing charcoal knit jumpsuit
Let us know what dorm room decor you're excited to use or what you'd like for us to make next!
Shoot for the moon because even if you fall, you'll land among the stars
March 29, 2019