Charcuterie boards just might be our favorite party food! It’s so fun to get creative making colorful boards full of yummy snacks and treats. We recently made NEW bamboo charcuterie boards and we are OBSESSED! We designed these serving trays to make arranging snacks so easy and fun—like art you get to eat! Here are some tips for creating the best charcuterie boards ever!

 Tip #1: Make it Colorful


Meat and cheese are charcuterie staples, but can look a little blah by themselves. Add color with fruits and veggies for a balanced board. Strawberries and raspberries add a happy pop of red that makes the spread stand out!

Tip #2: Mix Sweet & Savory

Who says charcuterie boards can only be savory? We love satisfying our sweet tooths with some cookies or candy sprinkled on our board (Hellooooo, chocolate-covered pretzels!). Candied nuts are also a great option for adding a little something sweet!

Tip #3: Layer Lots of Goodies

When it comes to snacking, we say the more the merrier! And it turns out, the more kinds of foods you include on your board, the more photo-worthy it looks. Here are some of our go-to snacks for going all-out with charcuterie boards:

1 creamy cheese, like brie

1 semi-hard cheese, like cheddar

1-3 types of cured meats


Candied or salted nuts (or both!)

ANYTHING chocolate

Mixed berries or grapes for a pop of color


Veggies & ranch dip

 Tip #4: Have FUN!

The best thing about charcuterie boards is that they bring us together with the people we love to spend time with! We hope our new bamboo boards inspire you to gather with friends and family for a fun night in (they also make a great hostess gift!).

What are you serving on your Natural Life serving board? Tag @naturallife on Instagram and @naturallifehappy on TikTok so we can share with our friends!

March 16, 2023