Inspiration Is Everywhere

Beauty is all around us... you just have to open your eyes! We learned this when we took a trip to India last year (see blog post here!). We were in awe at how colorfully and creatively they deck out EVERYTHING! This inspired us to create tons of bright and happy treasures... just for our cars! The pom-poms, neon colors, fun beads, tassels... it's like they were speaking our language!!
Can you imagine driving this around town? SO fun!!!
God's Eye Rearview Mirror Charms make every commute better!
Love the attention to detail!
Tassels on our Air Fresheners! ❤️
Steering Wheel Cover love! Which inspired...
These fun covers!
They're also known for fun prints and bright colors... our India Blankets are handmade by women in India!
Traveling the world for inspiration is the best... and most fun way to learn!
The trip filled us with tons of inspiration and we left with so many fun ideas to come home and create!
It's so exciting to learn that other people love decorating their cars as much as we do. Be sure to stay on the lookout for new car treasures coming out SOON!!
See how we decked out our car here!