We LOVE receiving messages from customers about how our products made them HAPPY! The sentiments we put into our treasures are meant to inspire others, and when they do it makes all the hard work worthwhile!! Air freshener
Check out this message we received about a STRONG girl with an amazing story. We are so glad our messages helped her when she needed it the most! Thank you. Thank you for your uplifting and inspirational reminders on your accessories that help me get through life everyday. My first accessory that I ever purchased was a phone case that had the simple but very motivational quote, "think happy, be happy."
Phone Case
Ever since then I have been hooked. I live in CA with my mom who has a very rare disease and it's very hard to cope with the majority of the time but I find that having the cute accessories with uplifting sayings and quotes help me get through it a little easier. I put the air fresheners in my car for daily reminders to cherish the little things and carry my lunch in one of the lunch totes so whenever I eat, I am reminded that being positive in return brings positivity.
The pictures in my room have the cute clothes pins holding them up saying, "home is where your mom is" and my water bottle has a koozie on it with one of my favorite quotes.
Bag Clips
It's even become a tradition between my mom and I to surprise one another with a small gift from your company. Whenever I have extra money I always think of Natural Life and that's the first place I spend it. I just want to thank you for allowing me to purchase your products and for your company to know that for someone like me who deals with depression, these accessories make a difference more than you know. We are HAPPY to make you HAPPY!!
Drink Cozy
November 06, 2017