Advice from Kim Vincenty, inspiration behind the FEARLESS Collection!
Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be ok

It's going to be okay...

“It’s such a “mom” thing to say! I’ve said it a million times. Ironically, I have led a support group for years, and one of the first things we tell families is not to reassure their loved one with anxiety. So, is this wrong? I say absolutely not! You know when you are going down the rabbit hole of excessive reassurance! Remember, love heals too. Sometimes one small statement and a hug can brighten the darkest of days. It’s just what love does.”

Kim Vincenty, OCD Jacksonville Board Member & Passionate Mother
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We are so trilled with the positive change that our FEARLESS Collection has already brought and continues to bring! This collection started by Kim, a passionate mother and board member of OCD Jacksonville, calling Patti, Natural Life Founder & CEO, to talk about the possibility of partnering up to "do something together". We designed the products we knew our customers would love and Kim shared the most powerful sentiments that she knew would really help people struggling with Anxiety Disorders. With both of our hard work, we created the Fearless Collection!

When we stumble upon an organization or cause that's close to our heart, we love getting involved to help make an even bigger impact! Sometimes that means we give product, donate our time or partner to create a GiveBack Collection made to inspire, inform and spread the messages unique to teach mission!

We donate a portion of the proceeds to OCD Jacksonville and love everything the Fearless Collection has done to change the way we talk about Anxiety Disorders!
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November 06, 2021
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