"For my birthday, a small group of family and friends escaped to a tiny resort in Jamaica we call our “Happy Place”! We enjoyed our favorite “little things”… beautiful views, warm weather, rustic beach cottages, Jamaican coffee, delicious food, laid back culture… as well as a little island exploring to look for treasures! We got inspired by all the hand-painted signs all over Jamaica, especially one that we saw on a coffee shop, “Howdy Neighbor, Welcome Strangers” (we’re using that one at The Chirp — our new coffee shop we’re opening). We found some super cool beaded curtains, colorful jewelry, amazing handmade cooking pans… and were especially inspired by all the rustic wooden plates, bowls and home treasures! We love getting inspiration from our adventures for the treasures we make for you!⁠ We brought lots of our new clothes to wear on the trip… and were even able to fit in a photo shoot using a beautiful local model and talented photographer! We’re so excited about the beautiful photos we got! ⁠ Yeah Mon!"⁠ 

xo, Patti Hughes

CEO & Founder of Natural Life 

Jamaica is My Happy Place!

March 16, 2023