January is National Mentoring Month so we thought we'd take some time to share how much we LOVE Girl Talk! Girl Talk, Inc. is a national nonprofit with the mission of inspiring all girls to develop the confidence to lead. Girl Talk seeks to provide every high school girl with a challenging leadership opportunity and every middle school girl with access to its free program through local Chapters. In the past 15 years, Girl Talk has impacted more than 60,000 girls throughout North America and beyond with its 450 chapters in 7 countries!
Girl Talk girls
To celebrate National Mentoring Month, Girl Talk is featuring influential women leaders who are making a difference! Read Patti, the Natural Life Founder and CEO's, interview below!
Patti and her daughters
Q: How has mentorship impacted your career and personal life?
A: I love having a mentor! I look back and wish I had one when I was younger…my first mentor was in college. I had one in my first job and then when I started my company I found myself naturally finding mentors along the way to ask advice and learn from. Knowledge is gained through experience and while I’ve learned a lot from making mistakes and my own experiences, I don’t think I would be where I am today without the mentors I’ve had throughout my life.
Q. Why do you think it is important to mentor the next generation of women leaders?
A. I think it’s important to mentor the next generation of women leaders so we can make the world a better place….and so I can help girls and women reach their full potential! Everyone can make a difference!!
Q. Who mentored you during your most formative years as a young woman/ How has a specific mentor impacted and shaped your life?
A. I didn’t have a mentor in my formative years…so I feel like I was a little bit of a late bloomer! In college, my first mentor was the older sister of one of my best friends. I admired her values, morals, choices and kindness. Just being around her influenced me to be a better person and made me think about what kind of life I wanted to live.
Q. What are the benefits of mentorship?
A. Sometimes we don’t know the answers to different things ourselves…and instead of being confused, scared, stuck….having someone to talk through the whatever situation or issue helps you move forward! Move forward with...Knowledge….Insight….Hope….Courage…Strength…Gratefulness….Clarity….Direction….Conviction…Confidence... and so much more!
Natural Life Girl Talk Chapter
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January 21, 2019