Recently, JJ flew to Jacksonville from L.A. and got to spend some with the Natural Life Family! We absolutely LOVE when JJ comes to town! We had so much fun filming content, showing her all the new arrivals, playing dress up, & getting to meet and hang out with the cutest baby ever... CK!

JJ hadn't been in town since our new warehouse was completed, and when we told her it was pretty close to the airport, she insisted on checking it out! JJ was in awe at how awesome our warehouse is put together and the hard work that goes into everything! She said being in the warehouse reminded her of the movie Monsters, Inc. LOL!

After walking JJ around the warehouse and teaching her how to process an order, she put on her boogie shoes & danced around! Look at how much fun she had visiting our new warehouse! She spreads so much joy and light wherever she goes... a perfect example of "living happy"... an important part of the Natural Life mantra and brand!

Packing & shipping your orders makes us sooo HAPPY! Every single order means so much to us & we are so grateful for your support! 

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May 26, 2023