Our latest LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary features the amazing Christina Lecuyer, a Confidence and Success Coach who believes everyone is “created for a purpose and a reason!” Originally from Canada, Christina currently lives in central Arkansas. She started her career as a professional golfer, then worked in the sports television industry before she found her passion in Confidence and Success Coaching. Once Christina discovered what truly made her happy, she turned it into the business she has today! “It is absolutely my purpose and my joy,” Christina expressed.

“I think it’s really cool how Natural Life started very organically to serve a purpose and fill a gap… that’s exactly how my business started as well,” she shared. Christina started a podcast called Decide It’s Your Turn because she believes everyone can decide it is their turn to do whatever it is they want to in life!

Christina loves the entire Natural Life mantra! “Be Kind. I post that all the time. If we all had kindness and love in our lives, everything would be so much better.” Being yourself is a huge motto of Christina’s entire business. “Every single time you try to be someone you’re not, or to try to be someone else, you’re not giving yourself what you actually need to do. It’s so hard trying to be a replicate!” We couldn’t agree more with Christina, and we love how she does what she loves! “I think it’s one of the greatest blessings of life where your occupation and what you truly love is what you get to do every single day.”

Madison Hughes, Patti’s daughter, had the opportunity to spend a weekend at a Confidence and Success Retreat with Christina. Madison explains, “I found Christina via her podcast about 6 months ago. I set up a Zoom meeting with her to learn more about her coaching and decided to sign up for her mastermind and retreat! I was on the cusp of turning 25, feeling the pressures of life and felt this longing inside that I had to work with her… and she was the perfect fit, just what I needed to help me from getting unstuck. I traveled to Arkansas for the retreat and gained a lot of clarity from it. The main takeaway was to TRUST myself and BE myself!”

It is so important that you realize what your purpose is on this planet! Everyone deserves to find their passion and be confident in themselves! 

Look out for more LIVE HAPPY! mini documentaries as Madison (@itsmadisonhughes) travels the country telling stories of girls & women living life by the Natural Life Mantra: We believe it’s the little things that mean the most… that kindness really does matter… you should always be yourself… do what you love… and try to make the world a better place!

We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy!

March 16, 2023