We were so inspired by Jill Ragan (@whisperingwillowfrm) who lives by the mantra “find what sparks joy, and grow that in abundance,” that we could not wait to film a LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary with her! 

Jill owns and operates Whispering Willow Farm, a 4.5-acre vegetable and flower farm in Jacksonville, Arkansas. She got into farming after she noticed there was a disconnect between food systems and food sustainability. Jill passionately wanted to know “the story involved in every single seed I sowed!”

Farming her own food took a lot of hard work and time. “It’s a goal that I have been working towards for 8 or nine years now,” she shared. And now she is living out that dream! “This is my dream life! I’ve got a sink full of dirty dishes, but food is growing outside! My heart is full and happy!”

Jill’s favorite part of the Natural Life mantra is that the little things mean the most. She said, “it really is the little things, and for me that’s growing vegetables!” We love how she finds so much joy in connecting with nature, being outside, and doing what she loves. “It’s one of those little simple things that brings me joy, and because of the joy that I’m filled up with, I can then take that kindness and spread it on to someone else.”

Look out for more LIVE HAPPY! mini documentaries as Patti’s daughter Madison (@itsmadisonhughes) travels the country telling stories of girls & women living life by the Natural Life Mantra: We believe it’s the little things that mean the most… that kindness really does matter… you should always be yourself… do what you love… and try to make the world a better place!

We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy!

March 16, 2023