Our latest LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary features the inspirational Lauren Mascitti (@Lauren_mascitti_music), a singer/songwriter originally from Louisville, Ohio. Lauren now resides in Nashville, TN, where she works as a registered nurse while still pursuing her career in music! Madison Hughes, Patti’s daughter, also lives in Nashville and is pursuing her career in songwriting and filmmaking, so this made it super easy for her to feature Lauren in a LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary!

We actually fell in love with Lauren when we discovered her 2 years ago on the TV show American Idol! Her music has a retro country vibe and she has an inspiring, faith-based outlook on life. On the show, Lauren performed a song that she wrote inspired by her Nana called “God Made A Woman”. Lauren explained to the judges and crowd that the song celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of being a woman.

Lauren was adopted and raised by her grandparents, who have always encouraged her to chase her dreams. They even moved to Nashville with her after she graduated nursing school! Lauren’s Nana was her first and strongest example of what a woman is supposed to be. She credits the person she is today to her Nana… who is her hero! Lauren believes that her grandparents have taught her everything she knows about being happy & finding joy in the little things.

“Whenever you wake up in the morning, it’s just a conscious decision… I’m going to be happy today, I’m going to be thankful that I’m alive. There are so many things to be thankful for,” said Lauren. She believes that the Lord gives us certain passions and desires that He wants to use for His glory, and that she will not be fulfilled unless she chases what He put in her heart to do.

“There’s only one you, and God created you to be you, and to be special… I just think there’s something really fulfilling in being a little bit different and being proud of that.” Lauren told us. She grew up loving music and always felt like it was an integral part of who she was as a person. Bringing joy to people is what Lauren enjoys doing the most. She said, “the cool thing about being a songwriter is that you get to tell your story, and hopefully something about your story resonates with somebody else”.

Look out for more LIVE HAPPY! mini documentaries as Madison (@itsmadisonhughes) travels the country telling stories of girls & women living life by the Natural Life Mantra: We believe it’s the little things that mean the most… that kindness really does matter… you should always be yourself… do what you love… and try to make the world a better place! 

We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy!

March 16, 2023