We are soooo excited about the newest LIVE HAPPY! Mini Documentary that Madison Hughes (@itsmadisonhughes, the daughter of Patti Hughes, the Natural Life Founder/CEO) filmed and put together! If you haven’t come across the @Appalacianhomesteader on TikTok yet, you’re missing out!

Meet Paige Bolick, the sweetest, most grounded soul, who finds joy in the little things of life, and is an inspiration to everyone! Not to mention, her voice is so calming & the way she talks is poetic, you could listen to her talk about life on the Homestead for hours! We discovered Paige when she wore our Boho Bandeau in her second ever TikTok post! She then continued to wear our clothes in other videos, & we are so grateful to be connected with her now!

Paige is an Appalachian Homesteader in North Carolina. Homesteading is a lifestyle of sustainability & self-sufficiency. For Paige, this involves gardening, beekeeping, canning, and taking care of her chickens! This way of living helps her see the beauty of the world around her. Paige lives on land that has been in her family for generations. She gets to experience things in the outdoors, like a natural spring, that her great grandparents used to use… how cool is that! Paige relates nature to mankind in how all of us are unique and when we love one another, we can make the world a more beautiful place!

Paige posts “Day in the life of an Appalachian Homesteader” videos that share a glimpse into her life and what homesteading is really like, in 2023. Her mornings usually start with reading her bible and a cup of coffee, & her videos usually teach a life lesson, or explain how something is done. She often says how thankful she is to get to share a glimpse into her life with everyone who watches her videos.

Paige always ends each video with a motivating or positive message, which we love! In one of her first few TikTok’s she said, “I encourage you to do two things today. Find a way to make someone else smile and do something that makes you happy!” We couldn’t agree more!

Paige’s journey in life hasn’t always been easy. She was born with a complete cleft of the lip, palate, and gum line. She has undergone 17 cleft related surgeries in her life. In one of her videos, Paige explains, “When I was younger I didn’t like the way I talked. I know what it feels like to feel like you don’t belong in this world. I can promise you that you do belong in this world. We all walk down different paths and have different stories to tell. Your story is important, and I hope you’re never ashamed of who you are. You’re beautiful and loved, and you can make a difference in this world.” WOW – thanks to Paige for being so open and honest about her surgeries & struggles, she has & will continue to inspire so many other people! Keep being a light, Paige!

Follow Paige Bolick on TikTok at @appalachianhomesteader to see more glimpses into her life on the Homestead!@appalachianhomesteader

March 17, 2023