We ❤️ teachers… so we just had to do a classroom makeover for Mrs. Christy, an Intellectual Disabilities Teacher at Alden Road Exceptional Student Center in Jacksonville, Florida! We’re so excited to show you how amazing Natural Life treasures look inside Mrs. Christy’s classroom!

Mrs. Christy has been teaching students with intellectual disabilities for 17 years and is the mom of our intern, Layla. Her classroom is a transition room where students ages 18-22 focus on making crayons, paper, and mobiles from recycled materials to sell to other students and teachers within their school. When we learned of Mrs. Christy’s background and students, we knew her classroom would look great with Natural Life Chirps and HAPPY around her room!
During the makeover, Mrs. Christy said that it was a full circle moment to have us decorating her room. She told us that Layla received a NL Prayer Box from her grandmother when she was about 10 years old and they have loved our treasures since then! Mrs. Christy said that it is so exciting to see her daughter working for this amazing company a decade later.

We knew her room needed a cozy corner so we brought a Bright Floral Chenille Rug, Backrest Pillows, and Lounge Bed Rolls! For the walls we hung Canvas Tapestries, a Wall Collage Kit, and the Happy Notes Poster Book. We also gave her some back to school essentials like our 17 Month Planner, a Clipfolio, and Gel Pens. We decorated her desk and the tables with Woven Baskets, Car Tissues, and Tiny Faux Succulents.
We are so happy that Mrs. Christy loves her Natural Life classroom! To see all of the amazing treasures that we used in Mrs. Christy’s room, check out the Back To Campus Shop and use promo code GETREADY for 20% OFF!

March 16, 2023
Tags: Give Back!