Our Top 10 Stocking Stuffers of 2023

The holidays are just around the corner so while you’re shopping for everyone on your gift list, remember to grab stocking stuffers too! We LOVE our treasures that bring happiness to anyone’s day, plus, they’re perfect to pop right into stockings for your friends and family! To help you find these adorable gifts, we gathered our top 10 stocking stuffers this year!

Our reusable Stick-On Letter Patches make such creative and personalized stocking stuffers for your loved ones! Spell out their names with these floral-embroidered stickers to put on their backpack, jacket, laptop, notebook… anything! Our letter patches will brighten up any style thanks to the various vibrant colors and cute rhinestones for a little sparkle this holiday season!

Our Blessing Bells hold such a special place in our hearts and are beautiful stocking stuffers. Each small bell comes with a meaningful message of positive energy, protection, and good luck in a little organza pouch. Our Blessing Bells have a beautiful design on one side and a sweet message engraved on the other, making these the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones. These bells can be easily clipped on to a bag or keychain!

We love using our trinket dishes to hold cute treasures like dainty rings, earrings, and even spare coins, which is why they make a great addition to any stocking! From hand-molded trinket bowls with golden-rimmed finishes to colorful trinket dishes with thoughtful sentiments, everyone, from your best friend to grandma will adore our beautiful designs and use them every day!

We know that socks are a comfy, go-to gift for the holidays, so we made sure to create plenty of fun and colorful designs for you to stuff in all of your stockings! Our cozy socks come in a variety of boho prints, cute animal shapes, and ankle to over-the-knee styles. Your friends and family will love wearing our soft socks to stay extra comfy while lounging at home or to keep their feet nice and toasty while running errands on a chilly day!

Add our Worry Dolls to everyone’s stocking this year! While on an inspiration trip in Central America, we came across handcrafted worry dolls and loved their purpose! According to ancient Mayan folklore, tell your little doll your worries at bedtime, place it under your pillow, and your worries will be gone when you wake up! We created different worry dolls, from a cute turtle to a sweet angel, so you’ll find a worry doll to put in each stocking for the holidays!

Our Surprise Balls make the best stocking stuffers, especially for that one person on your list who you just don’t know what to get for the holidays! These colorful balls will keep your loved ones smiling as they unwrap the crepe paper and discover ten treasures, one by one! And it doesn’t matter if they’re eight or eighty-years old, our Surprise Balls are such a fun gift for everyone… you’ll even want to grab one for yourself! 

You’ll have fun picking out a Lucky Keepsake Charm for each person on your holiday gift list! These lucky little tokens come in a ready-to-gift box that has a message of luck, protection, and happiness on the inside. Just tuck this small box into any stocking and you’re done! Stock up on our adorably shaped charms like a smiley face, turtle, puppy, and more so you’ll be covered to gift a cute, meaningful charm to each of your family members and friends. 

Grab our popular Boho Bandeaus® to place in every stocking this year! We designed half and full-size bandeaus in tons of different prints and super soft fabric (even fleece), so you’ll find one for every person on your holiday shopping list! With over seven ways to wear our Boho Bandeaus®, your loved ones will put their styles to daily use – remember to get one for yourself!

Gift an upgrade in self-care when you add our So Soft Washcloths to all of your stockings this year! Your family and friends won’t have to use their plain, scratchy washcloths anymore once they feel these super soft ones – not to mention, we made our washcloths in several colorful prints (some have encouraging sentiments too)! These washcloths come packaged as small disks that will fit in any stocking and the best part: they expand in water… like magic! 

We love creating little gifts with big meanings! Our Tin Prayer Boxes offer positivity, encouragement, and comfort to any gift recipient, making these perfect to add to stockings! Each tin box has beautiful artwork on the outside, finished with a solid-colored, fabric trim. On the inside, there’s a sweet sentiment of faith along with small sheets of paper and a small pen. Your loved ones will appreciate this special gift and take time out of their busy day to reflect and write down their prayers!

November 15, 2023