When we found out about the amazing work that Julie Proctor does for orphans in Panama, we just HAD to share her story! We met Julie when she stopped by one of our sample sales and bought inspirational shirts for the girls in her Orphan Transition Program called Manos de Fe. “Our girls are victims of trafficking and abuse, but they are now living with us and learning life skills, recovering emotionally, receiving educational opportunities, learning about the love of Christ, and learning English”, she explained. Julie and her husband founded Manos de Fe in 2008 and are currently undergoing expansion to be able to house more girls and provide them with more access to university studies and internships.

“The mission of the Manos de Fe Orphan Transition Program is helping to break the cycle of abandoned and mistreated young girls by providing a safe and loving home while equipping them with the skills needed to be successful, self-confident, and self-sufficient. Our goal is to provide young ladies the skills needed to transition out of traditional orphan care in order to become mature, self-sufficient, community leaders who know they are overwhelmingly loved by God.”

“These young ladies receive a safe home, healthy meals, vocational training, health classes, onsite education/tutoring, and internship opportunities.  Each young lady also receives an individualized development plan unique to her abilities, interests, hopes and dreams.  Our girls dream of becoming teachers, chefs, artisans, authors, and even doctors.”

“We are one of few programs in Panama that helps young mothers keep her child by offering a place for them to live with their child, while also providing a preschool/nursery for them so that the girls can go to school, attend counseling, take vocational classes, and serve the community.”

“They also have artistic talents and enjoy sewing, jewelry making and painting…Every one of our girls is truly special with unique talents and passions. We celebrate and encourage what makes them unique, and we are there as their loving parents, spiritual advisors, and loudest cheerleaders.”

“Natural Life was created by following personal dreams and using your talents to find true happiness.  You inspire people to give and live happy, which is something we long for our girls…We chose Natural Life products that help remind our girls that nobody can rob them of their happiness, kindness or love. Kindness in contagious and we should always show others the same kindness we like to receive.”

-Julie Proctor

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March 16, 2023