What do you do at Natural Life? I manage our social media accounts, our giveback and write our brand copy!
How did you discover Natural Life? When I was visiting family in St. Augustine 7 years ago, I found my life mantra “Think Happy Be Happy” on a phone case! I had that phone case for years until I finally got a new phone… it always made me so happy! I moved there 3 years later and discovered through my internship with Children Home Society that Natural Life was headquartered in Jacksonville! I couldn’t believe it! I then made it my goal to work for Natural Life after I graduated from UNF!
What Natural Life saying means the most to you? Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly! So many times you get to a low point and think there’s no way out, but come to find out that it’s only the beginning of something amazing! It’s a quote that at some point has applied to everyone, everywhere.
What’s your favorite Natural Life treasure? This is so hard so I think I’m going to have to pick two. First, the dog mug. For obvious reasons… it’s adorable and I LOVE dogs (who doesn’t?). Second, is the Hangout Dress because it’s so easy and comfy…. it’s my go-to outfit!
What “little things” in life make you happiest? Coming home to my two pups, eating a hot pizza, soaking up the sun, seeing my garden bloom, watching the Buffalo Bills and most importantly, spending quality time with my family and friends!
What’s your favorite Natural Life giveback? When we worked with The Joy Team to put up 1,000 inspirational billboards across 42 states! I truly believe that one positive message can change someone’s entire day.
What’s your most memorable Natural Life story you’ve experienced while working here? The everyday talking with our customers and hearing how our treasures help them while going through a tough time. We’ve heard from a girl recovering from a double lung transplant who stayed positive with our “With Brave Wings She Flies” artwork, lots of cancer patients who find comfort and confidence with our Boho Bandeaus and our car accessories that helped a girl get back on the road after a bad accident. It’s amazing and so rewarding to be a part of a movement that inspires people to Live Happy!
July 19, 2017