Michelle seen above in the Dawn Maxi Dress



We stumbled upon Michelle (@michellekingkeenan) when she tagged us on social media and were immediately hooked on her content full of her positive personality, styling tips and effortless fashion sense so we invited her to work with us! She wrote us the sweetest message about her story... we just had to share it!


“First, I just want you to know what an honor it is to be working with you guys and for you guys believing in me. I have been a devout customer for quite some time and I absolutely love everything about Natural Life!


I started my social media journey when I was in a really dark place about my physical appearance from breast cancer… I don’t think enough people talk about the physical/vanity aspect of looking sick. I also don’t think that people don’t talk enough about chemo making younger women go through menopause and the effects of that on their physical appearance. I don’t think people talk enough about how emotional it is physically and mentally to have your breasts amputated. I don’t think people talk enough about survivor guilt and how so many of us feel so angry and sad about what Cancer has done to us physically and mentally because it makes us appear ungrateful when so many other people have lost their battle. And I also don’t think people talk enough about how you move forward when you were technically in remission… Your life is forever changed and looking in the mirror is forever different.


So all that being said, I started my social media platform because I also think the way I feel is super common for a lot of women in this middle age moment… Who don’t look like they did when they were younger because life has just gotten in the way. And personally I don’t want to give up on feeling and looking stylish and glamorous if I want just because I can’t/don’t look the way most of us want. And I think it’s really interesting that so many people say oh I wish I look like I did when I was 25 or 30…Because in reality, when we were that age we were complaining about some thing that we saw in the mirror anyway so what’s the point. So that’s what I try to do with my social media platform is to inspire you to feel good about yourself in the moment and learn how to work with all your lumps and bumps changes in your life.”


Michelle seen above in the Rebecca Dress


I have always loved a bohemian style… But I have to say after my double mastectomy that’s when I really embraced it and really started wearing clothes similar to what your brand offers because it was a way for me to mask and hide my reconstruction struggles and my bald head… Your clothing is just beautiful to look at and the flowy feminine vibes of your dresses and skirts allowed me to really work with my situation and feel pretty in a dark time.


I wore my wig for one day and felt like a complete imposter and fraud and only wore head wraps the entire time… Many of which were Natural Life Boho Bandeaus! They are so soft and comfortable and helped me through such a difficult time."


We love hearing how our products help people through different seasons in their lives. We are so grateful to have found Michelle & that she is growing more into her passions through our clothes & treasures. Thank you, Michelle, for being a hero to the Natural Life Family, & all the people you influence online through your content! Everyone go check out Michelle’s content & give her a follow on TikTok & Instagram at @MichelleKingKeenan!

March 16, 2023