Once a year we use Natural Life’s birthday as an excuse to spend a full day appreciating and celebrating the Natural Life Brand we’ve built together! Before this year’s big event, we spent 2 weeks sprucing up our office to get ready…cleaning, rearranging almost everything and even redecorating walls in our office… including in the bathroom!

All of our remote NL family joined us in our Ponte Vedra Beach corporate office and we even invited our first official Brand Ambassadors, Kat Stickler (@katstickler) and JJ Rabone (@jjrabone)! Having all of our artists under one roof was a treat in itself…they spent the day painting and collaborating with our product team thinking up new treasures to make…and anyone else who wanted a chance to paint was able to join in on the fun! Chef Brian arrived with a special boxed lunch that included his signature melt-in-your-mouth brownies!

We pulled out all of our old catalogs (including our very first one!) and reminisced while Patti told the story of how Natural Life was born 26 years ago! After lunch we had so much fun creating content with Kat and JJ… everything from try-on videos, photos with wall vignettes, TikTok dances and Live Happy Mini Documentaries with Patti’s daughters, Madison (itsmadisonhughes.com) and Halle Hughes.

At the end of the day, the entire brand team and guests went to Patti’s house for a magical night on the beach. We started off with a new Natural Life cocktail we named “Boho Breeze”, sat down for an incredible Moroccan dinner by a talented, local chef…and ended the night with a bonfire & yummy s’mores!

Check out our Brand Ambassadors here!



March 16, 2023