A Natural Life Getaway

Every day, the Natural Life corporate office is filled with “busy-ness” with very little time to reflect on the magic we are creating or to enjoy the little things together. The craving to SLOW DOWN with the team I work so hard with inspired an idea to plan an annual Artist/Brand Retreat! For this years retreat we adventured to Little Saint Simons Island, one of the most magical places I’ve ever been… and only an hour and a half from us! It’s a small island that you can only get to by boat…the cottages fit our 20x person team perfectly and the all inclusive meals included amazing experiences like an oyster roast, low country boil, s’mores and family style dinners inside the most charming lodge we’ve ever seen!  It’s hard to put into words how special our time was together… over the years we’ve become family and like with all relationships, it’s important to take time to slow down and connect on a different level. We collected all our favorite photos to document the best parts of our special trip and share them with you! 

On our way to Little St. Simons Island on the cutest ferry! We packed sooo much stuff for only …Just look at how beautiful this place is!We had the whole beach to ourselves! (7 miles!)Thursday was really magical and fun! The oysters were soo good, too! It was nice to disconnect …Little St. Simons Island #1"I loved catching up with everyone...the serene location...and the food!" "I loved the bike ride …"My favorite thing was spending time in nature and enjoying time with my coworkers outside of the …Crafternoon - one of our favorite Natural Life "little things!"

Check out this cool time-lapse Shannon, one of our artists, made! We found those sand dollars, too!

Little St. Simons Island #2On our last night, we had the most beautiful sunset while we crafted and played cards!Little St. Simons Island #3"A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your friend." Patti & her daughters, Madison …

March 16, 2023