Easter is April 4th!

Easter is hopping in early this year! We love slowing down and enjoying the little things! Cooking delicious food, spending quality time with your loved ones & the fresh, new spring flowers just make. us. HAPPY! It’s so fun to wake up in the morning, drink your coffee and hear “I FOUND ONE” during the annual Easter egg hunt! We love to make little treasures that make every day life more fun & what’s more fun than finding your oversized Easter Basket filled with all of your favorite tokens and treats?! Growing up, I remember my  Easter baskets always being way over the top… between clothing & candies from my favorite places, it was always such a fun morning filled with love, laughter and peace!We put together some of our favorite Easter Basket stuffers and wanted to share them with you! 

Easter Basket Stuffers

March 16, 2023