Natural Life's Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship was created by Natural Life and Girl Talk to encourage high school Girl Talk Leaders to live a passionate life by creating a community service project which effects positive change around them! Chloe Koperek is our awesome 2020 GIRL TALK scholarship recipient!! Her passion for helping others was apparent in her yearlong project of making blankets, collecting food and personal hygiene for 100 homeless families. We loved Chloe’s enthusiasm and her drive to build up the girls self-esteem by reassuring them that they can be heard, they will make a difference and that when they do, it will make them happier. With a 4.6 GPA, she will be interning at Palomar hospital this summer and studying medicine at UCLA or USC. This scholarship embodies the spirit of both Natural Life and Girl Talk and our shared desire to inspire girls to help make the world a better place. After having so many beautiful entry's of how these young women are making a difference, we came across Chloe and fell in love with her story. Read her accomplishments below!
Picture of Chloe in front of her car with donated items collected for the less fortunate!
"My name is Chloe and I am the Founder and President of Girl Talk TV. I started Girl Talk because I wanted to make a difference in helping young girls navigate the challenges of growing up in today's world. I wanted to make a positive impact on girls who would become a part of my high school community and give back to my middle school community. Girl Talk TV is also my Girl Scout Gold Project. As an eleven year member of Girl Scouts empowering young girls and serving my community has always been part of my mantra and I wanted to share that passion with others. I am involved in ASB in school and National Charity League in our community where service is at the core of both organizations."
Photo of Take-home bags made for homeless people in Choles community!
Congratulations, Chloe! You are so deserving and we know you will do great things moving into this next chapter of your life!
Girl Talk logo.
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November 20, 2020
Tags: Give Back!