Did you know 1 in 5 low-income women report a lack of access
to period supplies?!
Let's End Period Poverty
New Period Pouches that Raise Money and Awareness!
Anyone who’s ever had a period knows menstrual supplies are an absolute necessity. There is a desperate need for period products for these girls and women, and shockingly, food stamps do not cover them!
Our friend, Jan Healy, founded the organization
Renewing Dignity whose mission is to provide period supplies
to women and girls in Northeast Florida who can’t afford them. This health and safety issue is linked to using substitute products, stretching product usage, and missing work, school and similar events.
When we heard about Jan’s work, we couldn’t wait to help her! Patti, Natural Life Founder and CEO, joined the Renewing Dignity Board of Directors, and one of her first projects was creating Period Pouches to help raise money and awareness!
period pouches
Each pouch comes with a story card inside that includes the most common “Period Myths” written by Dr. Marta Perez, OB-GYN (follow her on Instagram, @dr.martaperez... she’s awesome!). The best part is that a portion of the proceeds are donated to Renewing Dignity!
Photo of Period Pouches with their story in inside of how they are so special to our CEO Patti Hughes
Period Myths from Marta Perez who is on the board for Renewing Dignity

"The Color of the period blood means something about my health." 

The blood can be bright red or dark red, it can even look brown. All of these are normal. The color only reflects the amount of time it took from the blood to travel from the inside of the uterus to where you can see it in your vagina or underwear. 


"I can’t get pregnant if I have sex on my period.”
If your periods are like regular like clockwork, than you are unlikely to get pregnant during your period. But if your periods come at unpredictable times, then bleeding may happen at a time when you can get pregnant. If your periods are unpredictable, you should see a doctor to discuss your periods.
“My period will sync up with my friend’s when we hang out together.”
False! It may seem like you and your clique are all on the same schedule, but it’s just chance. It is awesome when you can lend each other supplies and talk about periods, they’re never anything to be embarrassed about!
“It’s normal for my cramps to hurt so bad that I have to miss school or hanging out with friends.”
That’s not normal! Cramps should be mild discomfort. If yours are so bad that you can’t do you, you should see a doctor. Your life is too important to be laying on the couch with a heating pad instead of out living it!
“It’s a bad thing if birth control makes my period lighter or go away.”
It’s not! Some birth control like the shot, the implant, the IUD, and the pills can make periods lighter, less frequent, or make them go away all together. This is not unhealthy and the blood is not building up inside, the birth control is preventing the build up from occurring.

"Tampons hurt if I'm using them for the first time, or they hurt every time."

Tampons shouldn’t hurt! If it hurts to insert a tampon or have one in, it might be in the wrong position. If you need help making sure tampons are in correctly, ask someone you trust like a mom or sister, or your doctor too! Oh also, tampons have nothing to do with virginity.


“Period blood is dirty blood.”

The blood is normal blood, just like blood from anywhere else when you get a scrape. There is nothing dirty about periods or people who have periods.

“Having a period is embarrassing and you shouldn’t talk to people about it.”

No! A period is not embarrassing, 50% of the world has them. Periods are normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about. If they are very heavy, very painful, or very irregular, that’s not normal and you should talk to a doctor.


“It’s normal to only get my period every few months.”

Periods should come every 25-35 days. If your period comes less frequently than that or at unpredictable times, you should see a doctor. Sometimes there are some underlying reasons why periods aren’t regular, and it’s a good idea to find out why.

“Tampons and pads are the only products I can use for my period.”

Tampons and pads are great options, but there are more. Menstrual cups are reusable, they are placed in the vagina to collect menstrual blood. There are also absorbent, reusable underwear that can be washed.


“If I have cramps, I can’t work out. I also shouldn’t work out on my period.”

False! Working out may feel uncomfortable but it relieves cramps! It’s a natural remedy to decrease pain. Working out on your period is also a good idea, the hormonal cycle actually makes it a great time to crush that workout goal.

“Taking medicine is the only way to make my cramps feel better.”

Anti-inflammatory medication can help, but other cramp remedies include heating pads, warm baths, and exercise. If your cramps are so bad that you have to miss school or work, you should see a doctor. Life is too short to miss out on because of pain!
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September 22, 2020