Some wear harnesses! We have a new employee here at the Natural Life office! He is adorable, fluffy and sleeps… A LOT! Meet Charlie: Our seven-month-old guide dog in training! In about a year, he will be helping someone-in-need lead an independent life. Until then… you can find him snoozing under my desk!
Like any “fur mom” knows, not getting too attached is IMPOSSIBLE! My most frequently asked question (after “Is he a Rottweiler?”—and shockingly, no! He’s a full-bred black lab) is how are you going to cope after he goes in for formal training and is placed with someone-in-need? Here are some lessons I have learned in my short time with this adorable little fluff ball: • Be thankful for the NOW! Charlie was born to be a service dog. This is his destiny. He would have become a service dog with or without me so I consider myself incredibly blessed to be his temporary fur mom and give him the best puppyhood ever! • Dwell on the GOOD! Living without him will be really difficult but I am going to be filled with SO much pride when he completes his training and graduates into his career! • Giving BACK to the community is one of the most rewarding things ever!
I have become more SELFLESS. Yes, of course I want to spend every waking second with him from here on out but I know he is going to help make someone’s life so much better and I am extremely lucky to have this year with him! I’m the one teaching Charlie basic commands and behavior but he’s really the one teaching me. Instead of being sad when it’s his time to shine, I will (try my hardest) to fight back the tears, be thankful for this precious time and beam with pride for my furry little hero!
Charlie at the Natural Life store
Charlie loves store music festivals! So many hugs and kisses!!
June 08, 2016
Tags: Early Days