We found an old wooden TV tray at an estate sale & it brought back so many nostalgic memories that we had to make our own version! The Wooden TV Tray Table folds up for super easy storage and is printed with the prettiest floral design on top! It's so fun and perfect for morning coffee, working from home during the day or drinking wine by candlelight at night!

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This 5 Year Journal is your personal place to think, feel, discover, remember and dream. Write a small snippet of your life every day over the course of 5 years to capture memories you can look back on, re-read & share! You start on the month you receive it and write in the year yourself, so you can stop and pick back up at any time!

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The Secret Message Candle is so special because as the wax burns down it reveals a secret message that’s hidden inside! Once it’s all burned away, you can wipe it clean and use it as a trinket bowl!

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For the professional artist or the artist-at-heart, our Painter’s Cup will inspire you to live and create happy! We love to be creative, so we design products that help us to make beautiful things! Our Painter’s Cup even has notches to hold your paintbrushes.

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I love having a fun bag that can brighten up any regular ol' day. The best thing about this tote is that it’s REVERSIBLE! Wear the soft faux fur on the outside to accessorize brighter outfits and switch to the vibrant boho side to add some fun to everyday styles. Either side is just right for holding all of your purse essentials... and then some.

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This Set of 3 Melamine Giving Plates is for everyone to give love & kindness away. Fill one with brownies to celebrate new neighbors, new babies, or birthdays, comfort someone during hard times, or make it the perfect gift for teachers, hostesses, and more! Sign and date the plate with a Sharpie before passing it on again! It’s fun to see where this treasured giving plate travels over the time!

March 16, 2023