Patti's Favorite Treasures

"Why have a boring air freshener when you can have one that's cute & fun? They are one of my favorite things to make, and your most-loved Chirps make it easy to design new ones! I love changing mine out every few months for a new look!"

"Personalized gifts are so thoughtful & special! I love spelling my girls' names with these stick-on letter patches! Put them on backpacks, jackets, laptops, notebooks... anything!"

"I just love this beach towel so much! It's so bright and happy and makes me want to be outside... I bring mine on picnics, too!"

"If you've never worn a toe ring, you should! There's just something about them that makes your feet feel cuter... especially while wearing sandals! I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here!"

"The cutest shelf in the world! I have one in my bathroom and it holds my Live Happy Body products, framed photos of my girls, a trinket dish for jewelry, and other personal hygiene items! I hang my face towels on the bar under the shelf! I just love the floral design!"

"Candles are some of my favorite gifts to receive! This one is so special because as the wax burns down it reveals a secret message hidden inside! Once it's all burned away, you can wipe it clean and use it as a trinket bowl! Pair with one of our cute matchboxes to complete the gift!"

"It's so much more fun to have a really pretty umbrella that can brighten your mood on a rainy day... and this is the prettiest one we've ever made! I love that it folds up small to make it easier to carry everywhere!"

"I love how a little trim makes anything cuter... from a lamp shade or a shelf edge to jeans that are too short or an old jean jacket that needs a little something extra! I hope you like it as much as I do!"

"Gift wrap that's actually part of the gift! These incredibly soft cotton fabrics not only make the cutest reusable gift wrap, but they also double as handkerchiefs! I love these so much!"

March 16, 2023
Tags: Treasures