Patti's Favorite Treasures

"Have you discovered these amazing Jumbo Zip Totes yet? I keep 10 of them folded up in my storage closet and they come in handy for so many things, from moving into dorms, bringing tons of things to the office or packing up Hazel for a road trip!"

TV Tray Tables
"We found an old wooden TV tray at an estate sale and it brought back so many nostalgic memories that I had to make a new version! They are so fun…even my girls LOVE them! So perfect for morning coffee, WFH during the day & wine by candlelight at night!"

"If you know me, you know that I wear a small clip in my hair every day…my pet peeve is hair in my eyes! I finally thought of a way to decorate my favorite size brown tortoise clip! Do you like them? I love them!"

"On days I want to dress REALLY comfy... but still need to look put together, I throw on this charcoal jumpsuit with a sweater or scarf and I feel like a million bucks! Love it!"

"In college I was addicted to cross-stitch… I think I remember skipping class to sit on my bed and stitch fun patterns! LOL I had a lot of fun making these kits for Natural Life!"


"Do you love surprises as much as I do? This adorable wooden heart candle has a hidden surprise inside wrapped up in foil! (Hint: you wear it!) But I have to say, it’s the cutest candle ever…and then when it burns down you can wipe the wax out and it becomes an adorable trinket dish! It's like 3 gifts in one!"

"A salad just tastes better served in a gorgeous wooden bowl! We made the perfect sized bowls for all occasions... sometimes you have a group and sometimes it’s just you!"

"While exploring Peru, I fell in love with the textiles there…and I’ve finally found a source to help me bring them to Natural Life! Look how fun these one-of-a-kind Peruvian Poufs are!"

"I made this adorable low table to go with our Peruvian Poufs! It’s so cute!"

"It’s the little things that make your mornings a little bit brighter… like an adorable spoon rest to keep by your coffee machine!" 

"When it's the birthday of one of your favorite people, you need a stash of special birthday cards for your gift drawer! it’s the little things!"

March 16, 2023
Tags: Treasures