We’re sure you’ve already noticed that we love dogs at Natural Life (if not, just look at our Instagram)! On any given day, you’ll see a few pups roaming the office… they really are part of the family! We loveee our pups more than almost anything so we made entire collection filled with irresistible treasures for both dog lovers and your pup! Have fun looking though ten of our favorite dog treasures below!
Dogs are part of the family!

Treats For Your Pup
Floral Dog Bandanas— All dogs are already so cute to begin with, but dog bandanas make them even cuter! Our 2-in-1 reversible dog bandanas feature fun floral patterns and are made to fit all dog sizes.
Cute Dog Bowls—Turn your pup’s food bowl corner into an even more fun part of your house with a cute dog bowl that makes both of you happy! We love this bowl because it’s durable and dishwasher safe. Grab the small and large size so you have a matching set for food and water, perfect for at home or on-the-go!
Colorful dog bowls
Adorable Dog Toys—We had so much fun making these cute dog toys! They’re like miniature versions of the throw pillows we make for our home. We love how cute they look, our pups love the squeaker inside… a win for both of us!
Cute shaped dog toys
A Drying Mat—OK, this one’s kinda for you and your dog (but he doesn’t have to know that). This cute dog food mat gives a dedicated space for your pup to refuel while looking super cute in your house! We have them all over… for our pup, by our sink for dishes and at the door for wet shoes! They feature sweet words that read “Love Me, Love My Dog”, “Thankful, Grateful, Blessed” and more!
Drinking water mat for dogs make perfect dog lover gifts
A Dog Mug—As dog moms, we want to be reminded of our best friends at all times, starting with our morning coffee. Our dog mugs also make great gifts for any dog lovers in your life… because coffee + dogs… there’s not really a better combination than that!
Treasures For You
A Wooden Wall Hanging—We love this wall hanging that matches our Drying Mat! It’s perfect for placing by your entryway to give guests a fair warning that they’re about to get bombarded with lots of wet kisses and dog hair!
Wood wall hanging that says "Love me, love my dog"
A Dog Mom Tee—Every dog mom loves this tee! We wear it all the time with our pups… on the beach, to the dog park and just out for walks! It’s a super comfy cotton blend tee featuring soft material with a relaxed fit.
Dog Worry Doll— There are so many mental benefits of having a dog… increased social interactions, more physical activity and they relieve stress! But we know that there are still plenty of things to worry about. We try to keep the worries away with this cute Dog Worry Doll! It has a sweet story that inspires you to tell your doll your worries before you go to bed, place it under your pillow and when you wake in the morning, your worries will be gone! It’s perfect for yourself & kids!
Dog worry doll
A Dog Treat Jar—How cute is this functional counter top container? It’s designed and painted to look like a dog but features a roomy interior and a rubber seal to hold the most precious thing of all… dog treats! If you REALLY want to spoil your pup, consider filling this cute treat jar with some homemade dog treats that are worth the extra effort!
Dog treat jar
A Dog-Themed Happy Box—This box does exactly what it says it does… makes you happy! It comes with seven of our most loved hand-picked treasures just for you and your dog, including sweet accessories like a keychain and dog toy plus functional items like poop bags and an air freshener. It’s the perfect treat for yourself or gift to a fellow dog lover!
Dog Happy Box, filled with perfect gifts for dog lovers
The Perfect Gifts for Dog-Lovers
We make so many dog toys and accessories that make perfect gifts for any dog lover on your list! 
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June 01, 2021