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Renewing Dignity is a local non-profit organization that is near and dear to our hearts here at Natural life! This North-East Florida foundation has taken on the task to help eliminate "period poverty" through menstrual product distribution to ensure hygiene, safety and confidence to all women who struggle to provide feminine supplies for themselves.
"By lifting each other up, we lift ourselves up" graphic
Our founder and CEO, Patti Hughes, is also on the board of directors! Once the president of Renewing Dignity, Jan Healy, reached out to Patti about her ideas she had no hesitation on joining the team and immediately donated hundreds of our Natural Life Canvas Pouches to be filled with period products so girls and women could discreetly carry their feminine products with CONFIDENCE! These zipper pouches were donated throughout the community to hospitals, schools and shelters.
Image of one of our canvas pouches that we use for Renewing Dignity period pouches.
Did you know that 1 in 5 low-income women report a lack of access to period supplies (an estimated 100,000+ women and girls in Northeast Florida)? There is a desperate need for period products for these girls and women, and shockingly FOOD STAMPS DO NOT COVER THEM!
Collage of women from our Renewing Dignity 'back to school' event.
She's making the world a better place!
Menstrual Myth!
MYTH: You should rest during your period and avoid exercise.
FACT: If you feel like excising, there is no reason why you shouldn't. It is actually a great way of controlling PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps because it increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles.
Natural Life loves to give back as a company and find local organizations that make large impacts in our community! Are you involved in an organization that you feel aligns with Natural Life's Mantra? How are you making a difference?
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September 20, 2021