We love to make little heartfelt gifts and these Secret Message Candles are our new favorite 2 in 1 gift!! We combined some of our most-loved things that make a gift special; great scents, meaningful sentiments, a surprise element, tiny trinket bowls, and beautiful artwork! ❤️
Our favorite part is that there is a surprise message hidden within... how fun!? Once it burns down, it reveals a sweet secret message that is printed on the inside of each bowl! You can easily wipe the bowl clean while the wax is still warm and it turns into an awesome little trinket dish to use forever… perfect for holding little treasures like jewelry, hair pins and tokens around your home!
One of the best things about Natural Life is how creative we can be and watching our products come to life! We love that our Secret Message candle can be a sweet gift to give, but doubles as a sentimental present for your friends and family!
November 21, 2018