A shark bit her... then she went back to save her friend!

Kaley Szarmack just might be the bravest and most humble person we know...and she's only 10!
Last week, she was swimming in the ocean with friends and family when something bit her leg. She thought it was just a crab until she turned around and saw a shark tail! Kaley screamed, "It's a shark! Get out of the water!" While she was rushing out of the ocean, she realized her 6-year-old friend was still in the water. She went back and pulled her to safety! While we watched her incredible interview, we noticed she was wearing one of our Half Boho Bandeaus! A mutual friend from McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation reached out and told us that she loves Natural Life!
This week, we gave her a tour of our office and sent her home with an overflowing Happy box to keep her spirits high! Kaley is incredibly positive, brave, and an AMAZING friend... we couldn't be prouder to have her represent Natural Life!