Don't grow's a trap!
We had so much fun using a hand cut stencil to decorate our office floors, walls, trees, chairs, tees and bathroom stalls that we decided to make it a product for YOU too! Spread happiness everywhere with Natural Life Stencil Sets! Our favorite place to stencil so far is our driveway next to the mailbox!
Stencil A Little Happy Anywhere!
3 Easy Stenciling Steps:
  1. Use painter's tape or spray adhesive to secure the stencil in place
  2. Apply your paint in thin layers to avoid bleeding from underneath
  3. Remove your stencil carefully, let the paint dry and enjoy!
Natural Life Stencil Set
Our Travels Inspired Us To Make Our Own Stencils!
On an inspiration trip to London, we decided to hop on the train and take a short scenic trip to the coast of Brighton. Wandering the streets, we came across the most amazing tiny alley that had the most creative graffiti art! We took lots of pictures and even went back later the same day just to see it all again!
Grafitti art that inspired Natural Life Stencil Sets!
Patti was looking for a getaway spot that was closer to home, so she took her girls to check out Miami’s Wynwood Art District in Miami. It was like Brighton Beach times 100! She was so inspired by seeing everything from doors, to mailboxes and entire buildings covered in so may different art styles, colors, patterns, and words that she decided to make Natural Life's first stencil, "KINDNESS IS MAGIC"!
Girl sitting in front of graffiti art that inspired Natural Life Stencil Sets!
Girl standing in front of graffiti art
Two girls in front of a wall of graffiti art
Stencils remind us of our childhood, and you know we are wild about nostalgic arts and crafts at Natural Life! So, after we stenciled KINDNESS IS MAGIC everywhere we could think of, we decided to make even more stencils with other great sentiments on them. We have been having so much fun using them on pretty much anything you can think of... mailboxes, driveways, our office bathroom doors and floors, recycled paper grocery bags that we use for gift wrap - and so much more!
Natural Life stencil painted on a tree
Share your stencil spots with us - we want to see where everyone else likes to spread a little KINDNESS!
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October 11, 2015