The Perfect WFH Tapestry Blankets!
"Hi! Can you hear me now?" Oh wait! Hold on a sec, let me adjust my screen... Ok! Can you see my Tapestry Blanket now?! GREAT!
work from home Chirp art.
This is what really makes us HAPPY! Work from home backgrounds! Decorative tapestries or wall art that doubles as a cozy Tapestry Blanket when you hang up your call - that's what we love! ? In a world where we are universally working & being together from home or office, on campus or off, or even if you happen to be a little lucky... sitting in a camp chair in your backyard... - our tapestry blankets have you covered! Literally, from the wall to the couch!
Work from home backdrop . were in this together Tapestry Blanket
The Perfect WFH Tapestry Blankets!
At Natural Life, we are constantly asking ourselves "how do our creations fit into the story of these times?" 20+ years in the making, we really have grown into a modern company with a constantly evolving culture. One very important thing, in particular, that has always been the same though is our mantra!
Natural Life founder, Patti Hughes, has always had the most uncanny ability to choose the most meaningful words and sentiments to add to our treasures, home decor and tees. Over the years these words and sayings have changed here and there but at the end of the day - they always go back to what, we at Natural Life, believe in the most!
Little did we know that as we were having fun working together to choose words and colors for our tapestry blankets, we were actually creating what has become really cool and inspirational Zoom Tapestry backgrounds!
When we realized we had been spreading positive messages all around the globe, we really couldn't believe it. It is so much fun hearing from our customers how much they love what the tapestry blankets and desk accessories have done to happify their spaces and keep their Zoom backgrounds positive and cheerful; the comfy aspect just adds on to all of the reasons we LOVE this accessory!
So, as you can see, decorating our work space has definitely become a new favorite hobby... Seriously, you should see our office! Of course there are tapestry blankets everywhere, but we are all crazy about our new adorable desk space that we fill with our gel pens, notebooks and all things stationary! We hope you all are loving it all, too. We crave creating new, fun, happy, inspiring things to fill your space - whatever it may be - with happy colors or meaningful messages. More to come, so stay tuned! ?
June 21, 2020