Suncatchers our most popular hidden treasure!

“I discovered this type of Sun Catcher on a trip to Taos, New Mexico with my college friends several years ago! We were meandering through the adorable neighborhoods and stumbled upon a tiny bungalow with a tree full of handmade Sun Catchers similar to the ones we made! We stopped and admired the magical scene for so long…the entire yard was sparkling with color and light! I decided we had to make them for Natural Life, and after living on our list of treasures to make for a couple years, they finally made it! I hope you like them as much as we do! If you have the perfect tree in your yard, you could recreate the Taos Bungalow Magic and hang several from the branches…but one hanging in a window or on your porch is sooooo pretty, too!”  

Patti Hughes

CEO & Founder of Natural Life 

March 16, 2023